User Information

Currently, there is a bug affecting our Warpportal account login. 

Users may be unable to log in with Warpportal account when signed up with google connect or facebook login. 

We are currently investigating this concern for a fix.

You can register by clicking the [Account] button in the login area of the website.


You can sign up by selecting your preferred method among email, Google, Apple, Warpportal, and facebook accounts. However, when signing up by email, an email verification step is required.


After verifying your email, you need to verify your identity as a means of verifying your mobile phone number. After verifying your identity, you can enjoy Ragnarok Begins!


 Ragnarok Begins is available for ages 16 and up

By linking with an external account, account registration and website log-in are possible

You can find after verifying your identity through [Find Account] and [Find Password] on the Website [Login].


However, in the case of password retrieval, it is necessary to set a new password when authentication is completed.

After the account deactivation is completed, you can re-register with the same email address.

However, personal information and game information are not transferred, so when re-register, you will be register as a new account.

To deactivate an account, log in to the website with the account you wish to deactivate and apply through the [Setting > Account > Request for Deactivation] menu.


Please note that if apply to deactivation of your account, you are agreeing that the remaining cash in your account will also be deleted.

To deactivate an account, log in to the website with the account you wish to deactivate and send a ticket through the [Support > 1:1 Support] menu.


Drop down the list from New Ticket choose account issue, fill out the necessary information requested, and submit.


Please note that if applied to the deactivation of your account, you agree that the remaining cash in your account will also be deleted.

In case of changing the password, it is possible to change it through [Change password] on the website [My Page].


Please create a password of 10 to 16 characters using a combination of Alphabets + number + special characters.

When attempt to share an account with others or to trade cash/in-kind for accounts, characters, or items, use may be restricted without warning


In addition, users are responsible for all problems arising from account sharing and cash/in-kind transactions, so we cannot aid in case of problems.

If the email address set on Facebook is not in its normal form, an error message will be generated. Please use the following method after resetting the email address of your Facebook account.


1) Go to Facebook settings

2) Modify a contact entry among account settings items > Add a new email address by clicking the “Add another email or mobile phone number” button

3) Set the newly added email address as the default contact

4) Go to the website and confirm your Facebook login

Account deactivation will be completed 15 days after the application, and when the deactivation is completed, all game information on the account will be deleted, so recover and game use will not be possible.


If you do not want to deactivate while you are in the process of deactivating account, you can apply for deactivation of account withdrawal on the website within 15 days from the date you applied for deactivation.

When you create an account under someone else’s name, you will not be able to get help if there is a problem with t he accounts, so please use the account created under your own name.


In addition, if you join by stealing other people’s personal information without permission, you may be subject to legal punishment under the Person Information Protection Act.