Install and Run

If there is a problem in GameGuard and it is not resolved according to the general FAQ, you can inquire in detail through the e-mail with the log file attached.


The ERL file is created in the GameGuard folder under the folder where the game is installed (npgl.erl, npgg.erl, npgmup.erl, npsc.erl, npgm.erl) every time you run the game


As soon as there is a problem, please attach the newly created ERL file when you receive 1:1 inquiry and we will check it and let you know how to resolve it.


How to determine the location of the GameGuard

Default installation location > C:\Gravity\Ragnarok Begins\GameGuard

First of all, access to the patch server is not possible when the server performing the patch is under maintenance or the server is down.


Please check the notice on the website first for details on the situation when the message is displayed.


  • Update the LAN driver to the latest version
  • Run after disabling Windows Firewall and stopping or terminating antivirus programs
  • In the case of public institutions such as companies, dormitories, and schools, access may be restricted due to their own firewall, so ask the network administrator of the company or public institution

If Begins Manager does not run automatically when starting the game on the homepage, please download the client directly.

[Client Download] 

The cause of lag can be caused by various conditions such as PC specifications, network environment, running programs, virus infection, and in-game environment.


Please check minimum specifications, check the network environment, change the PC direct connection when using the router, terminate unnecessary processes, and check for virus and malware.


The system requirements to play Ragnarok Begins are as follows.


Minimum Spec

Recommended Spec

Operating System OS

Windows 7 32bit

Windows 10 64bit

Processor CPU

Intel Core i3

Intel Core i5

Memory RAM



Disk Capacity HDD

4 GB

4 GB

Graphic Card VGA

DirectX 11 Supporting graphic card

NVIDIA Geforce 1050 or higher / Radeon RX 470 or higher

DirectX Version

DirectX 11 or higher

DirectX 11 or higher


 [Client Download]

If an afterimage occurs, it may be caused by a monitor problem, a problem with the jack connecting the monitor to the PC, or the graphic card, so please refer to the progress using the instructions below.


Reconnect after disconnecting the connection jack, open the main body and re-install the graphic card, delete the graphic driver and reinstall it

If the game sound does not come out, you can solve it by the following methods.


  1. Please update your sound card driver to the latest version.
  2. Please set your sound system to stereo.
  3. Please check the volume of your PC (operating system).
  4. Please check in-game settings > Sound > Mute

If there is a GameGuard error, please act as below and try to run the game again


  1. Scan for spyware/virus malware with the latest update vaccine
  2. Keep Windows security updates up to date
  3. To resolve conflicts with other programs, go to Task Manager and end unnecessary processes
  4. Check minimum game support specifications and check hard capacity
  5. Restart your PC and then play the game
  6. Reinstall the game

If the same phenomenon persists, please report the GameGuard log

Windows Firewall in Control Panel > Turn Windows Firewall on or off > Set up a home or work (Private) network location > Select Disable Windows Firewall 

Turn off other firewall programs if a firewall blocks GameGuard

Since most companies and public organizations use firewalls, external firewalls restrict access to game servers and game guard update servers, so please contact your network administrator.


If the download button is not activated, please check the contents below and try again.


  1. Update the latest version of your Internet browser
  2. Delete Installed Toolbar
  3. Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Click Reset
  4. Explorer tools > Internet Options > General > Search History > Click the Delete button > Check Temporary Internet Files/Cookies and then click the Delete button

We will inform you of the basic measures in case of abnormal lost connection


  1. Update the latest version of the graphics card driver

          - Nvidia Driver Update Shortcut
          - AMD Driver Update Shortcut

  1. Real-time monitoring of a vaccine program is off or terminated
  2. Direct LAN connection when using the router
  3. Set exceptions when firewall is enabled

Guide to solve the 0x80073701 error.


In the case of this error, the Windows 10 update is blocked, so it is an error caused by failure of the update, and accordingly, you need to proceed with the window update.


  1. Enter “service.msc” in the execution window.
  • How to open the execution window: Click on the bottom left magnifying glass to search for “execution”. Or Window + R key
  1. Locate the Windows Update topic, right-click and click Properties
  2. Change the start type to ‘Auto’ and press OK. 
  3. Shut down your PC and restart it.
  4. Please download the client and run it.
  5. Wait 5 to 10 seconds