Game contents

If it is impossible to move the character, please use the ‘Butterfly Wings’ item to move to the saved base and use the game


Also, if you use the ‘Butterfly Wings’ item but it does not move, please submit a 1:1 inquiry.

○ How to Contact
    - Website [1:1 Support]
    - 1:1 Inquiry in game [Menu → Setting → Account→  Support]

As a bonus that can be received while the character is not logged in, you can receive double the amount of experience, Zeny, and item rewards obtained from certain actions and monsters.


Hotkeys in the game can be checked through the menu button on the top right corner→ Settings → Key Bindings, and can be changed to the desired key settings.

In the case of a character name that is offensive to others, the operator can arbitrarily change the character name to manner keeper** along with sanctions against the character.

(Players whose character name has been changed to manner keeper** Please send at least 3 of the character name before the change and the character name you want to change through [1:1 Support] on the website, and we will change it after checking it.)

Cooking can be made by moving to the housing.


There are three types of cooking furniture, a frying pan, a pot, and a cutting board.


Each cooking furniture has different dishes that can be made, and each dish has the required proficiency.

The deleted character cannot be restored.


When you delete a character, you must move all the equipment and inventory items to the account shared storage before proceeding.

There is a shared storage that can be shared between characters in the account through in-game ‘housing’ content.

To take a screenshot of the game, run the game and click the Print Screen button at the top right of the keyboard in the scene you want.


(You can also save the screenshot you just took by opening and pasting the window panel (ctrl + v)


In addition, when selecting the eye-shaped icon next to the channel information in the upper right of the game screen to take a screenshot, the quest information window and map window can be changed so that it is not visible on the screen.

There is Stamina that can be used daily, and if all stamina is consumed, experience, Zeny and items cannot be acquired from all monsters in the normal field.


However, you can use content such as quests, party dungeons, and the endless Tower regardless of your stamina.


It provides 1,000 Stamina at 00:00 every day, and unused stamina is accumulated to the next day.

The maximum Stamina is 3,000, and if it exceeds, stamina is not restored.


You can acquire up to 250 Rest stamina per day in villages or housings.


You can check the remaining resting Stamina by selecting [Character information] → [Stamina help] in the game.

When you achieve achievements and cooking, you can obtain adventure experience points when activated after checking the list of achievements and illustrated books achieved through ‘Adventure index’ Please see below for activation method.


After checking the achievement items with red dots in the achievement list, select ‘+’ to activate it


In the cooking book, you can check the acquired book by selecting sorting > Acquisition sort, and selecting ‘+’ to activate it.

If the equipped costume is not visible, please check whether you have used the costume hide function.


When selecting the eye icon from the bag icon or ‘I’ in the menu through Bat > Costume Bag, please check whether to use the hide function for each part or the entire costume.

There are two slots for equipment and skills.

You can check the items you have when entering the bag menu through the bag icon or ‘I’ in the menu.

Please check slot 1 and slot 2.


Also, in the case of skills, please check skill slots 1 and 2 at the bottom.


In addition, it is possible to check and change through weapon and skill slot switching. Please refer to the following.


  • Weapon Switching: There are 1 or 2 sets that can register weapons in the bag, and change weapons when entering the designated shortcut ‘TAP’ on the keyboard
  • Skill slot switching: There are 1 or 2 sets of skill slots, and when you input the designated hotkey ‘Left Shift’ on the keyboard, change to the desired skill slot.

You can create up to six characters and play the game.

It can be managed through the user management menu through the in-game friend icon or ‘O’.

[Friends Tab]

- Register a friend by adding a friend

- View your friends’ information and check your current connection


[Request Tab]

-Allow you to view the list of users who have received friend requests


[Blocked tab]

-You can block by entering the in-game name of the user to be blocked.

If you have any suggestions while using the game, please contact the customer center on the website and we will try to proceed with the discussion in a positive way.

If you encounter a situation that is considered to be a bug, please fill out the report through [1:1 Support] on the website and if you have a screenshot of the report, please attach the screenshot and file the report.

Endless Tower is in Izlude – Northern Pier – You can enter through NPC Ailock

You can decorate your own house in the game.

Housing decorations can be purchased with separate housing coins, such as furniture.

Housing coins can be obtained when placing coin furniture.

Apart from decorating the house, the housing can be used as a shared storage, cooking, etc.

In the Adventure Index, you can Inscribe it from your card’s illustrations, and the effect will be applied when you inscribe it.


However, the items needed for the inscribe disappear and cannot be removed.

Unfortunately, the gender of the character cannot be changed at this time.


Please choose carefully when creating characters.